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The Importance of Website Accessibility: ADA Compliance

Posted by Joel Weichman on February 22, 2018

Americans Disability Act (ADA), Section 508 (an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973) and web accessibility are all terms used for making your business more accessible to the handicapped or physically challenged.

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4 Steps to Start Your Website Redesign Plan

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on December 4, 2017

You’ve made the decision to build a new website – congratulations! This can be a vital step to the success of your business. Before the first pixel is designed or line of code written, ensure that you have gathered all the right information. All too often we see companies determined to build a new website without understanding what’s needed for the site. That’s why we’re here to help – do these four steps first to ensure long term success with your site.

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Spindustry's Business Evolution

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on June 8, 2016

Enjoy an occasional series of posts about Spindustry as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2016. 

When Spindustry opened its doors in 1996, a handful of employees focused on database development using Access Database technology. Fast-forward 20 years and we’ve seen such vast changes in technology languages, the internet, business processes and hand-held technology that we never could have imagined – and that have influenced the growth of our company.

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Top 3 Questions About Internet Explorer’s End-of-Life

Posted by Allison Kuhlmann on January 28, 2016

On Tuesday, January 12, 2016, Microsoft took a giant step by no longer supporting versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 11. The company even introduced IE’s replacement, Microsoft Edge, as a part of Windows 10. We answer questions regarding this change to help get you up to speed.

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Common Software Platforms are Prone to Successful Hacking Attempts

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on November 4, 2015

As you weigh the option of purchasing or using a free software platform, there’s likely a question you’re not giving enough thought to before making the final decision. What’s the risk of this platform being hacked?

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Five Key Benefits of Implementing a .NET Web Development Environment

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on July 22, 2015

Standardizing our development platform – to a .NET development environment – has several benefits, including the ability to build a more secure network based on an industry-trusted platform. The platform offers many features compared to other development platforms. Here are key benefits of implementing a .NET development environment.

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The Security of .NET Web Development

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on June 17, 2015

With millions of U.S. workers wondering what will happen to their personal data after the largest breach of federal employees’ data, it reiterates the point that any organization is vulnerable to a hack. Security measures do go beyond firewalls and secure servers though. The environment in which a website is built and maintained plays a role in security. Our choice of a .NET development environment initially stemmed out of a desire to create sophisticated database driven websites, and today allows us to maintain a well-managed, secure environment.

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7 Tips to Build Better Website Reporting

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on May 6, 2015

When designing and developing a website, you likely spend more time thinking about the public facing side of the site. That is what the world sees, so it’s important to get the look and feel right. However, the website’s content management system is also a critical part of your web ecosystem. In addition to managing content, this is where you access reports. Reporting is a critical function, and a strong database architect and web developer can build out these reports. We offer seven tips for you to determine how better reports can be built for your website.

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9 Keys to Building an Awesome E-Commerce Site

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on April 1, 2015

If you sell products online, it’s critical that you build an experience that shoppers love. This means that you have to take into consideration the technical aspects of web development. Nothing will turn away customers faster than a clunky, slow or insecure-feeling website. Here are the top technical tips you need to keep in mind to build an awesome e-commerce experience.

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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Website

Posted by JoAnn Seeman on January 7, 2015

We often express the need to keep your content fresh – and that truly is important for maintaining the health of your website. But how do you know when you need to take a deeper dive and do a full upgrade of your website? If you think it’s when you’re bored with your current site, keep reading. We outline four indicators that it’s time to upgrade.

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