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New Facebook & Twitter 2014 Layouts: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex Guzik on April 24, 2014

Change is on the horizon for a couple of our favorite social media platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter rolled out fresh layouts for their profiles, and it is just a matter of time before these changes will hit our accounts. Don’t panic, we put together a list of items you should know ahead of time to get up to speed and prepared for the design transitions.

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Twitter for Business

Posted by Michael Bird on December 17, 2013

Many executives ask us if Twitter has a place in their business. As with most tools and strategies, one size does not fit all. It is easy to get cynical about a channel primarily used by celebrities (and worse, teenage non-celebrities) to vent or share trivial life details. If you can look deeper, you will find Twitter is what you make of it by who you follow and how you use it. Here are a few ideas to help your business make the most of Twitter.

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Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy around Your Customers

Posted by Alex Guzik on November 20, 2013

Before you focus your efforts on creating a digital marketing plan, you should always create a
consumer plan first. The research you do before you make an investment is vital to the overall success and ROI of the social media platform. Below is a compilation of important information that will help you create a digital consumer plan.

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Four Tips for More Effectively Using Twitter for Business

Posted by Spindustry Digital on May 23, 2013

With the overwhelming growth in social media over the past few years, everyone is clamoring to find the best formulas to engage customers and increase sales. Twitter has grown to over 200 million users since its launch in 2006. The 140 character limit on a post keeps the listener constantly engaged as they thirst for that next snippet of information. In reviewing recent articles from Mashable, PC Magazine and Forbes about how Twitter can promote and benefit business, we have narrowed the list to four key best practices that we believe you need to consider when tweeting.

1. View Activity
This feature of Twitter under the “Discover” tab allows you to see what your followers are favoriting, retweeting and who they are following. This allows your business to see who they need to target according to what their current followers are engaging in. You may find new people or business to connect with or new content ideas to use in your marketing plan.

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Enhance Your Event With Social Dialogue

Posted by Alex Guzik on February 6, 2012

When discussing social media engagement, I often ask people to rewind to the days when they were still in school. Most students won’t answer questions or participate in discussions until someone else has volunteered to be the first to begin the dialogue. Much like a classroom of students, many adults are still afraid to be the first to “raise their hand” during a presentation or when utilizing social media.

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