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Advanced Tactics to Consider for Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on July 30, 2014

As July winds down and the temperatures keep soaring up, we end our Christmas in July series with a few more involved tactics to consider for your holiday marketing strategy. We’ve covered email and social media strategy and how to use web analytics to drive promotion. Now consider how contests, apps and special events can make the holiday more magical.

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Use Website Data to Build a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on July 23, 2014

Your website holds a lot of valuable information useful to planning a holiday marketing strategy – you just have to be willing to dig for it. For many, an online e-commerce store may be the only way customers interact with a brand. Monitoring website analytics tells a story about what customers want, how and when they want it. Evaluating that data can help your team formulate a solid holiday marketing strategy.

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Preparing your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

Posted by Alex Guzik on July 16, 2014

Forget window shopping, holiday wish lists and catalogs this year. With 64.8% of consumers turning to social media sites to find the perfect gift for that someone special (Crowdtap), social media is a popular way to pre-shop. As you begin preparing your holiday marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how social will play into your customer’s shopping plans. To get a head start, we’ve outlined the top tips to consider when drafting a social media strategy:

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Social Media Success

Posted by Spindustry Digital on June 12, 2014

Social Media has been around for a while now – and is probably one of the most heralded and over-analyzed subject around. As part of our Inbound Marketing series, this post will focus on a few important aspects of social media programs and give our advice on how to best use the time and resources you have to be successful.

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4 Tips for Manufacturer’s Social Media Success

Posted by Alex Guzik on May 8, 2014

B2B social media execution is a completely different beast than what it is for B2C. It takes more thought and often times, more creativity to create real impact. In most cases it takes patience and time to develop relationships. Unlike B2C, where most connections are developed by customers stopping into a retail store and affirming their loyalty online, most manufacturers have to begin by establishing connections online then affirming offline. It can be a justifiably frustrating process for manufacturing companies looking to invest in social media. To help simplify the social media process, here are four tips to help your manufacturing business gain traction with social media.

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New Facebook & Twitter 2014 Layouts: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex Guzik on April 24, 2014

Change is on the horizon for a couple of our favorite social media platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter rolled out fresh layouts for their profiles, and it is just a matter of time before these changes will hit our accounts. Don’t panic, we put together a list of items you should know ahead of time to get up to speed and prepared for the design transitions.

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How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

Posted by Alex Guzik on January 15, 2014

There are some businesses who still believe that anyone can maintain a Facebook account. Using Facebook for business purposes takes much more strategy than simply hiring a recent college grad because you assume that any twenty-something should understand Facebook marketing.

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Three Tips to Get Your Digital Marketing Started in 2014

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on January 8, 2014

With the new year, if you haven’t already taken the time to reflect on your digital marketing efforts in 2013, take a few moments now. What worked? What flopped? What didn’t you get around to trying? Do take the time to document what worked and what you can expand on in 2014.

Here are three tips to get your marketing started in 2014. For some of you, this may be new territory, so drop us a line if you have a question. For others, you’ve been doing these activities for some time. Think of this as a review and reassurance you’re doing the right thing.

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Twitter for Business

Posted by Michael Bird on December 17, 2013

Many executives ask us if Twitter has a place in their business. As with most tools and strategies, one size does not fit all. It is easy to get cynical about a channel primarily used by celebrities (and worse, teenage non-celebrities) to vent or share trivial life details. If you can look deeper, you will find Twitter is what you make of it by who you follow and how you use it. Here are a few ideas to help your business make the most of Twitter.

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Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy around Your Customers

Posted by Alex Guzik on November 20, 2013

Before you focus your efforts on creating a digital marketing plan, you should always create a
consumer plan first. The research you do before you make an investment is vital to the overall success and ROI of the social media platform. Below is a compilation of important information that will help you create a digital consumer plan.

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