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The Importance of Website Accessibility: ADA Compliance

Posted by Joel Weichman on February 22, 2018

Americans Disability Act (ADA), Section 508 (an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973) and web accessibility are all terms used for making your business more accessible to the handicapped or physically challenged.

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4 Steps to Start Your Website Redesign Plan

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on December 4, 2017

You’ve made the decision to build a new website – congratulations! This can be a vital step to the success of your business. Before the first pixel is designed or line of code written, ensure that you have gathered all the right information. All too often we see companies determined to build a new website without understanding what’s needed for the site. That’s why we’re here to help – do these four steps first to ensure long term success with your site.

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3 Design Tips for Responsive Websites

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on October 27, 2015

Web design trends change all the time, in part because the technology requires a change to the visual elements. With the continued evolution of mobile devices, responsive design is a critical step in web development, so we asked Jeremy Winter, Art Director at Spindustry Digital, to share three design tips for responsive websites.

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Don't Lose Business Because Your Digital Assets Aren't Responsive Design

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on June 24, 2015

The time for adopting a responsive design for digital assets has come and gone – but is it still on your company’s back burner project list? Mobile-optimization is a high priority issue you need to address. Here’s why responsive needs to be the next project your team tackles.

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Understanding Responsive Design

Posted by Jeremy Winter on March 26, 2014

So you’ve started putting together a plan for your new corporate website. Congrats on thinking about this important marketing component of your business. Chances are though, the last time you had this conversation was three or more years ago and many things have changed in technology. Do you know the right questions to ask or what’s most pressing to consider?

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Tips for Your Mobile Strategy

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on February 26, 2014

By the end of 2013, it was projected that there would be more mobile devices than people on Earth. Thus, if you’re wondering if people are looking for you or your services via a mobile device, the answer is assuredly yes. Are they finding you though? Can they easily access information on your mobile site? Are you giving them the full desktop experience (responsive) or paring down to a mobile-specific site?

Here are questions to ask and tips to consider as you develop your mobile strategy.

1. The most important question to answer first is “what will users actually do on your site via a mobile device?” Do they simply need access to your phone number and directions? Do they want to shop? Do they want recent news?

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