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Plan Your Social Media Marketing Strategy around Your Customers

Posted by Alex Guzik on November 20, 2013

Before you focus your efforts on creating a digital marketing plan, you should always create a
consumer plan first. The research you do before you make an investment is vital to the overall success and ROI of the social media platform. Below is a compilation of important information that will help you create a digital consumer plan.

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LinkedIn: The Auto-Updating Rolodex

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on April 18, 2013

We know.  As a business person, you, or the company you work for, are constantly inundated with requests to connect and talk and share and like and pin.  It can be daunting, confusing, time consuming and purposeless if you don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

Without a doubt, the social aspect of the web is here to stay.  The platform for individuals’ voices to be heard has changed us and changed our businesses.  Instead of avoiding, ignoring or admonishing these tools, find a balance where they become purposeful and impactful to you and your business.

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