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Digital Trends in Lifestyle Brand Marketing

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on November 19, 2014

Every brand has its own traits – the details that make it unique and attract a target audience to its products and services. Take for instance Tiffany & Co. compared to Kay Jewelers. Both offer similar products, but the ambience of the store, the product packaging, the employees, the marketing tactics and the target audience are quite different. For many outdoor product and apparel brands, there are common traits we see displayed across their digital presence.

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Six Steps to Creating a Believable Persona for a Leisure Brand

Posted by Claire Celsi on October 22, 2014

In digital marketing – or any type of marketing for that matter – it’s common sense to know the audience you’re marketing to. Chances of success are much better when the messages coming from your brand are targeted to the people you want to reach. This is especially true for leisure or lifestyle brands.

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Using Social Media to Build a Lifestyle Brand

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on October 9, 2014

Many brands are facing a crisis. Is a brand simply a label for products and services or is a brand a lifestyle? Can it be both? How does one act as a company that’s trying to sell a product and a lifestyle? Social media is a platform that allows a company to successfully be both.

A lifestyle is all the components that encompass that way a person (or a group of people) lives. It’s the cumulative influence of family and friends, culture, beliefs and the media – so it’s hard to control. Social media has opened two-way communication between a brand and its advocates, so that those with similar philosophies can chat in a community of like-minded people.

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Fitness and Technology

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on January 24, 2013

With the New Year comes new resolutions.  The most common resolution is related to weight loss, exercise and being healthy.  From apps that help you track your steps and caloric intake, to websites with communities that offer virtual support, the landscape of health and wellness has changed with the continued evolution of technology.  Here are a few examples of fitness and technology I’ve seen pop up recently via my social networks, research and personal use.

1. Food Tracking Apps – Women’s Running recommended three calorie-tracking apps including FitDay Mobile, MyFitnessPal and Spark People in a recent story. I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app.  (I couldn’t find FitDay Mobile in the app store and the Spark People app costs money despite the fact the article said it was free.)

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