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Four Tips to Provide Good Customer Service on Social Channels

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on March 25, 2015

Social media has quickly become a customer service hub for many businesses. Questions, requests, complaints and all-out rants will be expressed in the social realm. The frequency, pace and impact on your business is dictated by the customer service plan – or lack thereof – you have in place.

Traditional customer service puts all the convenience on the business. Customers have to stand in line at the customer service counter and wait to pay a bill, return a product, file a complaint or just ask a question. Automated phone systems require a customer to sit on hold without a clear expectation of when they will talk with someone.

Digital has started to shift that paradigm, giving more convenience to customers and placing more expectations on businesses. Customers can pay bills online – not requiring them to drive to the store, purchase a stamp or write a check. Customers can return products from the comfort of their home by printing a return label and mailing back the item. Customers demand more control of their experience with your business and if you can’t or won’t meet their needs, they won’t be your customer for long.

So as more customers start communicating with you online, how do you provide good customer service on your social channels? Here are four tips to get started.

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Is Good Customer Service Really That Hard?

Posted by Steve Fry on February 15, 2012

This week while visiting a client in a not-to-be-named southern state, my associates and I had the opportunity to try a new restaurant.  We didn’t know anything about it, but as we drove down restaurant row, this spot looked pretty good.  The building was well-kept, and the overall look of the place was inviting. So we pulled in.

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How Social Media is Redefining Customer Service

Posted by Alex Guzik on January 9, 2012

We have all had a poor customer service experience.  In most cases, you probably shared this experience with peers; even if you chose not to share it with the business owners/management. Growing up surrounded by two family-owned businesses, I was always told,  for every one person you make happy, they will share it with one person; and for every one person you make angry, they will share it with six people. In today’s digital era you can multiple that times 100.

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