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Discover Your Brand Through Strategic Planning

Posted by Denika Almburg on October 15, 2014

How often do you take a step back and let the experts lift the hood on your business’s marketing plan? If it's been more than 11 months, now's the time. This planning process is really one of discovery.

The formula for all successful integrated marketing plans includes three basic pieces of dynamic information, which can be determined by answering these three questions:

  1. Who is your competition?
  2. Who are the primary and secondary target audiences?
  3. What is your positioning statement and key messages?
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Using Social Media to Build a Lifestyle Brand

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on October 9, 2014

Many brands are facing a crisis. Is a brand simply a label for products and services or is a brand a lifestyle? Can it be both? How does one act as a company that’s trying to sell a product and a lifestyle? Social media is a platform that allows a company to successfully be both.

A lifestyle is all the components that encompass that way a person (or a group of people) lives. It’s the cumulative influence of family and friends, culture, beliefs and the media – so it’s hard to control. Social media has opened two-way communication between a brand and its advocates, so that those with similar philosophies can chat in a community of like-minded people.

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Four Companies Who Mastered the Art of Storytelling Marketing

Posted by Alex Guzik on December 11, 2013

At the heart of every good communicator is a master storyteller. We all have that person in our own lives; an uncle, a grandmother, or maybe even an idol, who has a knack for storytelling. They are able to paint vivid pictures with their words, or tell magical stories of unfathomable feats. Whichever the case, you remember these stories because storytelling has the ability to make us feel connected.

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Control Your Google Results

Posted by Alex Guzik on June 5, 2013

When Pete Kistler was being Googled by potential employers, they found that he had a long list of felony drug charges. However, Pete Kistler the drug dealer was not Pete Kistler the stand-up guy with a squeaky clean reputation applying for the job. With his character and career future on the line, Kistler had to act quickly, so he began to collaborate with Patrick Ambron to create BrandYourself. This tool allows users to actively improve their Google results by simply registering on their site.

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No Two Brands Are Alike

Posted by Spindustry Digital on April 26, 2013

There’s a common misconception that just because one company used a particular strategy, it must mean it will work for my company.  While everyone can certainly learn from the best practices of others, trying to emulate a company is not the best strategy.

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Creating Your Own Custom Infographic

Posted by Alex Guzik on February 8, 2013

As marketers, our first job is to understand some basics about  our customers. Learning styles and the way people retain information are very important components of marketing your message. When considering the general population, an estimated 65% are visual learners, while only 35% are kinesthetic and auditory learners (Visual Teaching Alliance). Visual learners make up such a large portion of the population because 90% of the information our brain receives is visual and our brains can process and comprehend visual information 60,000 times faster than text (Visual Teaching Alliance). This is the primary reason infographics and social media sites like Pinterest are so successful.

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