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Posted by Jessica Plunkett on February 27, 2018
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Whether you’re using hard to evaluate traditional marketing or more measureable digital marketing, many marketers struggle with monitoring results. No matter if it’s a lack of time or knowledge of analytics tools, many end up without the justification they need to grow their marketing efforts or even continue at their current pace. Ask yourself these questions in order to get your marketing efforts in order.

1. What was the goal and outcome of a marketing tactic we tried?

Build yourself a spreadsheet that has the following columns of information: tactic, channel, budget, goal and outcome. There are many organizations who have little grasp on exactly where and how marketing dollars are being spent. Start by collecting simple information so that you can see, at a moment’s notice, what efforts are being done, the cost and the results.

2. Which channels are we using? Which channels aren’t we using?

Add another tab to your spreadsheet. Identify all possible traditional and digital marketing efforts and group them by tactics you’re using and tactics you aren’t. Eventually you can build out this spreadsheet to show the results of the tactics you’re trying. That will help you with the eventual justification you need to continue or expand your marketing efforts.

Also, it’s helpful to have a visual of your efforts. You may notice trends from this simple exercise, like for example that almost all of your tactics are traditional marketing, or that from the entire list, you’re only trying two marketing tactics. You’ll be able to visually see other opportunities to invest in for the future.

3. What audience(s) are we trying to reach with our marketing efforts?

You guessed it – another tab in your spreadsheet would help you determine which audience groups you’re targeting with your efforts. You’ll be able to see which audiences you’re putting most of your effort towards and which audiences may be neglected by your current marketing efforts.

Now that you have an idea of who your audience is, and what channels they are using, it may be time to explore a new channel and marketing tactic to reach them. Check out our AdWords ROI Calculator to see if a paid search program may be right for your business. 


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