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Build vs. Buy - Which E-Commerce Solution is Right for You

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on July 15, 2015
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With a vast selection of off-the-shelf e-commerce solutions, how do you know if a canned product or customOut_of_the_Box solution is needed for your business?

There are several out-of-the-box e-commerce options that provide all the basic functionality you need to sell a product online. Common platforms, like Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento and Volusion, all have limitations throughout the entire shopping experience, from minimal design options to an inability to change the checkout process. Custom e-commerce solutions are ideal for companies needing customized search and product filtering, along with unique product categories. Read through the options below to determine if buy or build is best for your company. 

Integrated search & product filtering   X
Product configuration options for customers   X
Option for non-product content pages X* X
Customized checkout process   X
Fully branded shopping experience   X
Volume discount pricing   X
Integrated SEO optimization   X
International shipping options X* X
Can handle large traffic volume   X
Customized reporting X* X
Control over new or modified functionality changes   X
Dedicated Account Director who knows your business   X
You own your website   X
Average years in market >18   X

X* = some variation of the function is available at a higher tier level for additional cost on some platforms

Need a custom solution?

If the configurable and integrated options in an e-commerce store are important to your business, a custom built e-commerce solution is needed. If you already use an off-the-shelf solution that isn't working, stop wasting time and money. 

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