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Advice for LinkedIn: The Yoga Pants Girl is Getting Old

Posted by Claire Celsi on July 28, 2014

Every time I open LinkedIn’s app on my iPad, there she is. The woman with sunglasses, wearing what appears to be yoga pants – crossing the street in a big city. And if my memory serves me correctly, she’s been the “face” of LinkedIn for about a year now.LinkedIn Yoga Pants Girl

I’m not a photographer by trade. But I am a content management expert. I think LinkedIn has a little work to do on its online presence – starting with this photo. Here’s my advice for LinkedIn to improve its front cover on the iPad app.

  1. Use real LinkedIn users in real settings. I get a notification almost every week that I am a LinkedIn “super user.” Apparently, my profile gets more views than 95 % of all LinkedIn users in my career category. Why not use people like me on LinkedIn landing pages or iPad cover?
  2. Yoga pants girl is not cutting it for me. I can’t see her face, she looks like she might be going to pay a parking ticket. She does not look particularly career-oriented.
  3. Switch it up! Why not change the cover photo weekly?

The number one rule of content management is to change it up – frequently. She’s been there for months. Time to replace the photo with another image. Here are some suggestions:

  • Real users
  • People who have found a job using LinkedIn
  • Job seekers
  • LinkedIn "influencers"
  • Recruiters
Thanks for listening, LinkedIn. 

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