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Preparing your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

Posted by Alex Guzik on July 16, 2014

Santa Facebook page2Forget window shopping, holiday wish lists and catalogs this year. With 64.8% of consumers turning to social media sites to find the perfect gift for that someone special (Crowdtap), social media is a popular way to pre-shop. As you begin preparing your holiday marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how social will play into your customer’s shopping plans. To get a head start, we’ve outlined the top tips to consider when drafting a social media strategy:

  1. Consider a new target audience. While you should continue marketing your services/products to your primary audience, you absolutely need to market to a new segment of buyers who ordinarily do not purchase your products. For instance, Grandma Tilly has never purchased your headphones and doesn’t know much about them, except that her grandson desperately wants them in his Christmas stocking this year. The bad news is Grandma Tilly is not a historic buyer and most likely will never buy again. The good news is individuals from almost every demographic have migrated to various social media platforms giving you the opportunity to target their time sensitive needs.

  2. You’ve got to pay to play. Social platforms are moving towards ad revenue models to monetize their business. You have to pay to reach your target audience on social. Before groaning too loudly, remember that Facebook and other social platforms offer exceptionally granular targeted advertising because of the vast amount of personal data we share on our social platforms. Advertising on social is inexpensive, especially when carefully targeted campaigns create substantial results.

    This tip is also applicable to tip #1. You’re most likely missing Grandma Tilly from your current fan base, so advertising can help you reach her for a minimal cost.

  3. Get in the holiday spirit by giving to your fans/followers. Nothing increases engagement and shopping like contests and coupons! In fact, 67% of consumers said they would be likely to share a digital coupon on Facebook during the holidays, and 63.4% said they would be likely to share a link to a holiday contest (Crowdtap).

    Businesses often forget that the heart of social is engagement, so when you have people engaging with your content you are playing to the platform’s algorithm. Essentially, the more engaging your content, the more often it will show up in the platform’s news feed.

  4. Video is an absolute must. Not only do videos assist in search engine optimization (which will be especially important during the holidays), but shoppers who watch videos are 174% more likely to purchase than viewers who do not (Invodo).

  5. Create and repurpose holiday gift guide content. For many shoppers, gift giving can be stressful and time consuming. They know the recipient loves technology or is obsessed with their dog, but they don’t know what would make the perfect gift. For this exact reason, searches performed on Google for “gift guide” increased from October 27 to December 14 last year (Google).

    Your job as a marketer is to take advantage of this information. Start blogging about gift guides for different enthusiasts. For example, you could repurpose “A Gift Guide for the Ultimate Outdoorsman” or “10 Tech Gifts under $50” on your social media platforms. Make sure share tags are on the blog posts so you can reach an extended audience.

  6. Pick a hashtag. Most (not all) social media platforms utilize hashtags. Pick out a creative, memorable and short hashtag and begin incorporating it into your complete holiday marketing strategy.

Enjoy more holiday marketing strategy tips on our social media platforms during the month of July. If you’re stressing out about the prep work ahead, we can help!

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