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Three Tips to Get Your Digital Marketing Started in 2014

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on January 8, 2014
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With the new year, if you haven’t already taken the time to reflect on your digital marketing efforts in 2013, take a few moments now. What worked? What flopped? What didn’t you get around to trying? Do take the time to document what worked and what you can expand on in 2014.

Here are three tips to get your marketing started in 2014. For some of you, this may be new territory, so drop us a line if you have a question. For others, you’ve been doing these activities for some time. Think of this as a review and reassurance you’re doing the right thing.


1. Social media advertising.
Hands down, social media channels offer the best possible segmented advertising opportunities. Think about it: where else are people willing to tag their hometown, employer, job title, current or previous schools, “favorites” (likes) and relationship status? If you’re marketing products and services to single males on the East Coast, what other forms of advertising can ensure that specific audience gets your message?

Not sure where to start? Over 1.4 billion people worldwide are on Facebook. You can promote specific posts, develop sponsored (custom) ads to earn likes and other options, for relatively low cost.

2. Video development.
Don’t just take our word for it; check out these video stats.

A few tips for video:

  • Keep video length around 30-45 seconds.
  • Upload video to YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and accounts for 50% of Internet traffic
  • Make sure you use good keywords in the video description and in the video tags on YouTube.

3. Email communication.
Email is not dead. B2B marketers put email marketing at the top of their list for which lead generation tactics work best. Fifty one percent said email was a highly effective tactic. Build an email list by placing an email sign up on your website, promoting it via your social channels and asking online purchasers to sign up upon checkout. Then send relevant, purposeful and concise information via email. Offer something of value to subscribers. This might include exclusive email member only content, special subscriber discounts or a channel to more direct access to executives.

Tell us in the comments: which of these activities are you already doing on a consistent, meaningful basis?

Need help getting started?  We offer many package and custom solutions to help you with your digital marketing.  

Ask how to build an effective marketing plan!

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