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Posted by Michael Bird on August 6, 2013
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In 2012, Spindustry updated its brand. We went from Interactive to Digital. We went fromMBird
a web firm to a creative agency. We went from ideas, technology and success to create, design and connect.
To be honest, there are words and parts of the past and present I prefer over the other but there is one part of the new brand that, for me, embodies our direction best. Connect.

It is a very simple word but one with a lot of implication. Let’s look at the struggles with some other words first to understand how this new direction and the word connect work so well.

Success is great, but fairly generic and does not help us understand how to get there. Interacting is good, but does not imply an outcome that has changed. Create, representing strategy, and design, meaning building, makes sense, but you could almost interchange the two. Both steps are very important; with strategy and execution at the core, but you can call them different things. Technology, and its trendy sibling digital, helps people understand channels in which we create some wonderful solutions but without a direction, ideas and outcomes do not sum us up well. We also spend time creating beautiful and easy-to-use interfaces on the front end and high end technical systems on the back end; explaining the fact that we do both and understanding why we are passionate about both has been a challenge to explain.

Now, connect. Connect assumes interaction but implies a successful linkage and the creation of a sum greater that its parts. Connect implies two way exchange but with understanding. Connect explains helping you reach out to new consumers with a shiny new website but also covers us bringing together your international team in a role based, multi-brand online portal with online processing and idea exchange. Connect means establishing a relationship between you and your target, being many internal and external groups, and forming an ongoing, growing, meaningful exchange. A connection.

I believe with this word as our driving vision we can create magic for your brand. We can evaluate ideas and determine if they will create or improve your brand connections. We believe connect is the perfect line between the soft touch of social and the goal oriented bottom line of sales.

So, ready to connect? To some degree, we've already started!

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