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Where are Your Marketing Dollars Hiding?

Posted by Jason La Cava on December 3, 2012
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Successful top brands and businesses understand the value of marketing, so much so that they are willing to shell out big bucks to keep their name in the forefront of their consumer's mind. Take Coca-Cola for example, their advertising budget for 2010 was $2.9 billion dollars! Or how about Apple? They spent $691 million in advertising to remind us how cutting-edge their products are. 

Even if your business is not as large as Coca-Cola or Apple, you are probably still spending a hefty amount of money in marketing. With all of this big spending your business should be seeing a return on your marketing investments, right? If you aren't, maybe it is time to reconsider spending your 2013 marketing dollars elsewhere. Here is an excellent infographic for places businesses are still spending money, but aren't receiving a return on investment. 

If your marketing dollars are missing, contact Spindustry Digital today, we will help you find the missing ROI! 

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