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Pondering Our First 15 Years and the Next

Posted by Michael Bird on April 13, 2011
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Spindustry started in 1996 and spent a good deal of time building offline applications.  In those first few years, the web was starting to become recognized, not as the default platform, but a real contender.  We had a lot of discussions in those years about if you needed a website, if the website would have a real business impact, and how companies would use this new channel to communicate to their audience more directly.

Ten or so years later, we are having a lot of those same conversations around social media channels.  Does your company need to be on social media channels?  What will we say? Can we stop all old school advertising and PR and solely focus on social media?  It seems like we're having similar discussions.

However, I think this time around there are differences.  Some of the social media channels, like Facebook, have hit critical mass and been accelerated by the adoption of smartphones.  I think the leap in understanding from print to web was larger than the leap from website to social media.  So in that way things are accelerated, but organizations still have to have a strategy and develop a voice for these channels.

As we head into our 15th year, we will be updating our own website, reexamining our social media plans, and looking back as we look forward.  It is an exciting time to be working with all of our current and future clients and there is certainly a lot to think about.  It is hard to imagine 15 years from now how these ideas will have evolved but we hope to be a part of that evolution.  Maybe we will finally get those flying cars the Jetson’s promised us so long ago :)

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