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You Don't Get the Right Answers if You Don't Ask the Right Questions

Posted by Spindustry Digital on January 19, 2012

PerservereGuest Blog by Jim Immel, Owner of Immel and Associates, Inc.

At lunch today, I was asked by a young sales person, “what is the trait of sales people that you really admire?”  I responded, “Perseverance”.

After the appointment I asked the follow-up question, “where does perseverance come from?”  Knowing where perseverance comes from often helps us understand how to acquire and maintain perseverance.  Is this a trait you are born with, or can you manage yourself to persevere?

I believe we can manage ourselves to overcome challenges.  What we think and believe is at the core of our self-management.  Like Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can…you are right.  If you believe you can’t…you are right.”

How we view ourselves makes a big difference.  Who do we listen to most about our potential in business or personal performance?  Most of us think of coworkers, peers, family and friends.   Who influences us most?  Who has the most influence?  We do. So, the question should really become, how do we manage ourselves?

I thought about the best sales people I know.  The traits I found included:

  • They are optimistic and put a positive spin on almost anything.
  • They get their mind straight after challenges.  Some put their “gratitude list” together; others go work out or play.  Then, they change their perspective.
  • Some simply surround themselves with positive people that truly appreciate them.

I believe we all have the ability to persevere, but it is up to our internal perception and our internal voice.   What is the question you can ask yourself?  How do you find a question to help with self-management?   Maybe it is as simple as, how can I enjoy what I do better?  Or maybe, it is simply believing in yourself.

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