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The Eight Track Player of Our Generation

Posted by Steve Fry on June 8, 2012
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Every generation has some kind of technology that is great during its time, but when viewed through a rearview mirror appears funny-looking and antiquated.  My speculation is that something most of us use today will fall into this category.  While this technology has helped grow many businesses and is the backbone of our professional lives today, I maintain that digital media changes already in the works will turn this mainstay into something laughed at by future generations.  What is it?  The desktop computer and monitor.

I’m sure many of you will think I’m crazy.  After all, how could we possibly function at work without our computers that come with wires, keyboard, mouse and monitor?  I can also remember how convenient the eight track tape player was compared to the 45s we used to buy.  You could even record music on a blank eight track!

Think about it though: there’s no denying that “mobile” is booming.  Google just closed the sale of Motorola’s Mobility unit for more than $12 billion.  Experts predict that wallets filled with money and credit cards will soon be obsolete.  At Spindustry we see our clients investing in the mobile landscape each day—and it’s really starting to pay off.   It is not unusual for our clients to see 10-20% of their online sales come from mobile devices.  It’s a process that’s gaining more traction each day.

So if you’re thinking that my prediction is impossible because no one can do everything they need to on a phone or tablet, I’d agree with you.  The reason I believe my prediction will come true is the evolution of large touch screen surfaces.

Think back 10 years and then 20 years.  How much has changed!  Now, imagine that your desk’s top (physical desk’s top surface) is a giant touch screen.  Imagine that your wall is a giant touch screen.  Imagine your car’s dashboard is a touch screen.  Your refrigerator, your kitchen counter and the list goes on and on.  So my prediction isn’t that we’ll all go blind trying to do everything on a small, handheld screen but rather we’ll all perform our work and enjoy social interaction on giant screens that are everywhere.  Wireless technology will be faster and ubiquitous.

This transformation is in its earliest stages, but I firmly believe that 25 years from now, young people will make jokes about the desktop computers, monitors and keyboards we all rely on today.  They may even do the same about iPods and iPads.

So get ready for continued technology change, it’s exciting. The best place to invest?  I’m thinking the companies that make the microfiber wipes.  Can you imagine all the glass smudges we’re going to have to deal with on the touch screens?

Corning Glass has a great video of the future.  You can see it on YouTube.

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