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Preparing your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

Posted by Alex Guzik on July 16, 2014

Forget window shopping, holiday wish lists and catalogs this year. With 64.8% of consumers turning to social media sites to find the perfect gift for that someone special (Crowdtap), social media is a popular way to pre-shop. As you begin preparing your holiday marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how social will play into your customer’s shopping plans. To get a head start, we’ve outlined the top tips to consider when drafting a social media strategy:

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Preparing your Email Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

Posted by Alex Guzik on July 9, 2014

Last week we enjoyed fireworks and a 90 degree day by the pool, so to most it might seem crazy that we want to discuss Cyber Monday and holiday promotions now. It is vital to start planning a holiday marketing strategy now while ideas are fresh and fires are at a minimum. Ever heard of Christmas in July? We’re giving the gift of insightful tips and statistics for your holiday marketing pre-planning.

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ABI Annual Conference Presentation

Posted by Alex Guzik on June 18, 2014

Last week a few of our Spindonians attended the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s annual Taking Care of Business Conference in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. During the conference, Stephen Fry, Spindustry Digital Chief Operating Officer/Owner, and Jason La Cava, Art Director/Marketing Strategist, gave a presentation on Building a Successful Lead Generation Campaign to ABI members.

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AMA NOVA Awards Creative

Posted by Alex Guzik on May 21, 2014

This year, Spindustry Digital had the pleasure of working with AMA Iowa on the theme and collateral design for the 2014 NOVA Awards. After the awards had been handed out and the high-fives shared, we asked Jason La Cava, Spindustry Digital Art Director and Marketing Strategist, to talk further about the detail that goes into a project like the NOVA Awards. Watch Jason's interview below. 

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4 Tips for Manufacturer’s Social Media Success

Posted by Alex Guzik on May 8, 2014

B2B social media execution is a completely different beast than what it is for B2C. It takes more thought and often times, more creativity to create real impact. In most cases it takes patience and time to develop relationships. Unlike B2C, where most connections are developed by customers stopping into a retail store and affirming their loyalty online, most manufacturers have to begin by establishing connections online then affirming offline. It can be a justifiably frustrating process for manufacturing companies looking to invest in social media. To help simplify the social media process, here are four tips to help your manufacturing business gain traction with social media.

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New Facebook & Twitter 2014 Layouts: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex Guzik on April 24, 2014

Change is on the horizon for a couple of our favorite social media platforms. Both Facebook and Twitter rolled out fresh layouts for their profiles, and it is just a matter of time before these changes will hit our accounts. Don’t panic, we put together a list of items you should know ahead of time to get up to speed and prepared for the design transitions.

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Technology Helps Increase Productivity & Sales for Manufacturers

Posted by Alex Guzik on April 17, 2014

Hypothetical scenario, you’re a B2B manufacturing company who sells customizable pens to companies across the nation. These aren’t your ordinary pens, these are extraordinary pens offered in 36 different colors, 8 different styles AND you can upload your logo and tagline to be printed on the pen!

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Strategy Cab Free Opportunity

Posted by Alex Guzik on February 19, 2014

We know that it can take days, weeks, months and even years to solve business challenges.  Managing day-to-day activities while trying to envision the future is challenging.  It’s easy to lose sight at times from the inside trying to look out. 

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How to Get More Exposure on Facebook

Posted by Alex Guzik on January 15, 2014

There are some businesses who still believe that anyone can maintain a Facebook account. Using Facebook for business purposes takes much more strategy than simply hiring a recent college grad because you assume that any twenty-something should understand Facebook marketing.

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Four Companies Who Mastered the Art of Storytelling Marketing

Posted by Alex Guzik on December 11, 2013

At the heart of every good communicator is a master storyteller. We all have that person in our own lives; an uncle, a grandmother, or maybe even an idol, who has a knack for storytelling. They are able to paint vivid pictures with their words, or tell magical stories of unfathomable feats. Whichever the case, you remember these stories because storytelling has the ability to make us feel connected.

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