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5 Strategies to Improve E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Posted by Michael Bird on March 31, 2020
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Having 1,800 shopping carts full in your e-commerce store sounds like a dream, but what if I were to tell you that only six of those carts turned into actual purchases?

Our company worked with a manufacturer that was struggling with these numbers to find out why it wasn't seeing conversions. We asked what the manufacturer was doing to course-correct. The answer? Fix search engine optimization and other content issues.

While SEO and content are key parts of driving more visitors to your e-commerce site, they're solutions that don’t address the root problem. There’s no point in bringing more traffic to your site if that traffic is met with a host of issues upon arrival.

Those potential issues are plentiful. Think, for example, about how your e-commerce store is set up for mobile shoppers. The average abandonment rate of mobile shoppers is more than 85%, indicating something is going seriously wrong in the shopping experience. More online stores than you would imagine are simply not mobile-friendly.

Further, supply chains have also been rocked by e-commerce in terms of the volume of orders. Where supply chain used to focus on getting products to brick-and-mortar stores, they now have to fulfill significantly more online orders that end up being direct-to-consumer.

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