The Best Tech Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season

Posted by Spindustry Digital

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we know you’re probably thinking about gifts to buy and likely still unsure where to start. We’ve created the perfect mix of tech gifts for everyone on your list.

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Digital Trends in Lifestyle Brand Marketing

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

Every brand has its own traits – the details that make it unique and attract a target audience to its products and services. Take for instance Tiffany & Co. compared to Kay Jewelers. Both offer similar products, but the ambience of the store, the product packaging, the employees, the marketing tactics and the target audience are quite different. For many outdoor product and apparel brands, there are common traits we see displayed across their digital presence.

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Three Tips for App Marketing

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

It’s expected that by 2017, there will be 268 million app downloads. Apps are becoming serious business – and an important element of your marketing plan. Apps aren’t all mindless games; many provide timely news or allow for useful tracking capabilities. It’s time to get your app strategy in order. Here are three tips to consider for successful app marketing.

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Three Examples of When to Use Print Marketing Materials

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

It’s no secret that we’re the biggest advocates of digital – it’s in our DNA. However, successful marketing campaigns still include printed materials, strategically used in the right context and integrated with digital assets. Here are three examples of when a printed piece may be the right component to include.

1. Trade shows – You have a live audience and you want to capture their attention. There are a couple keen opportunities to utilize printed assets.

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Three Ways to Engage in Social Media

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

Unless you’ve been living deep inside a cave, you know that most people engage in conversations on social channels. While many still share friendly exchanges with neighbors, it’s not likely anyone is dragging out all of the goodies they came across today, grievances experienced or interesting facts uncovered. But they are sharing those experiences online. This is why it’s important for your brand to be present in social media.

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Six Steps to Creating a Believable Persona for a Leisure Brand

Posted by Claire Celsi

In digital marketing – or any type of marketing for that matter – it’s common sense to know the audience you’re marketing to. Chances of success are much better when the messages coming from your brand are targeted to the people you want to reach. This is especially true for leisure or lifestyle brands.

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Discover Your Brand Through Strategic Planning

Posted by Denika Almburg

How often do you take a step back and let the experts lift the hood on your business’s marketing plan? If it's been more than 11 months, now's the time. This planning process is really one of discovery.

The formula for all successful integrated marketing plans includes three basic pieces of dynamic information, which can be determined by answering these three questions:

  1. Who is your competition?
  2. Who are the primary and secondary target audiences?
  3. What is your positioning statement and key messages?
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Using Social Media to Build a Lifestyle Brand

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

Many brands are facing a crisis. Is a brand simply a label for products and services or is a brand a lifestyle? Can it be both? How does one act as a company that’s trying to sell a product and a lifestyle? Social media is a platform that allows a company to successfully be both.

A lifestyle is all the components that encompass that way a person (or a group of people) lives. It’s the cumulative influence of family and friends, culture, beliefs and the media – so it’s hard to control. Social media has opened two-way communication between a brand and its advocates, so that those with similar philosophies can chat in a community of like-minded people.

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Latest Inbound Marketing Trends and Tips

Posted by JoAnn Seeman

The Spindustry Digital team attended HubSpot’s Inbound14 conference, focused on inbound marketing. The annual conference gives marketers insight into new trends, tips to increase your marketing team’s efficiency and effectiveness and opportunity to learn and be inspired by other inbound marketers.

If you missed it, here are the major themes that were covered at Inbound14.

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Four Tips for Post-Launch Website Success

Posted by Jessica Plunkett

The publishing of a new website is not the end of the project; it’s a milestone on a much larger journey for this important marketing asset. Gone are the days of stale, static public websites. A website is meant to serve as a living, breathing representation of your business. It’s that online salesperson, marketer and cheerleader – one who works 24 hours a day and seven days a week and doesn’t ask for a vacation. That means you have to constantly update the site to make sure it’s working to its full potential. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your newly published website.

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