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6 Tips to Move Forward with Mobile Banking


Do you work for THAT bank? You know the one – the only one on the block that hasn’t figured out mobile banking. With around 50% of smartphone owners using mobile banking services, there’s still room to grab additional market share. You don’t have to read a bunch of articles though to find out what mobile banking capabilities to consider. Best case – you ask your customers directly. If that’s not realistic or timely, simply start by imagining their banking experience and what would help make it easier and convenient. We’ll help you get started.

Banks and Insurance Companies Should Use More Email Marketing

describe the image

Customer data is the biggest asset you have. Use it wisely – but use it! Email campaigns are cost effective, easy to measure and get proven results.

A Picture is Sometimes Worth a Billion Dollars


There’s something kind of fascinating about the selfie. The premise of it has always been the same: a simple picture to capture a moment. It continues to transition from being something of personal value to authentic promotional value. Here are a few tidbits about the selfie.

Advanced Tactics to Consider for Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

holidaymarketingstrategy dontendupwithalumpofcoal

As July winds down and the temperatures keep soaring up, we end our Christmas in July series with a few more involved tactics to consider for your holiday marketing strategy. We’ve covered email and social media strategy and how to use web analytics to drive promotion. Now consider how contests, apps and special events can make the holiday more magical.

Advice for LinkedIn: The Yoga Pants Girl is Getting Old

LinkedIn Yoga Pants Girl

Every time I open LinkedIn’s app on my iPad, there she is. The woman with sunglasses, wearing what appears to be yoga pants – crossing the street in a big city. And if my memory serves me correctly, she’s been the “face” of LinkedIn for about a year now.

Use Website Data to Build a Successful Holiday Marketing Strategy

holiday web strategy blog graphic

Your website holds a lot of valuable information useful to planning a holiday marketing strategy – you just have to be willing to dig for it. For many, an online e-commerce store may be the only way customers interact with a brand. Monitoring website analytics tells a story about what customers want, how and when they want it. Evaluating that data can help your team formulate a solid holiday marketing strategy.

Preparing your Social Media Strategy for the Holidays

Santa Facebook page2

Forget window shopping, holiday wish lists and catalogs this year. With 64.8% of consumers turning to social media sites to find the perfect gift for that someone special (Crowdtap), social media is a popular way to pre-shop. As you begin preparing your holiday marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how social will play into your customer’s shopping plans. To get a head start, we’ve outlined the top tips to consider when drafting a social media strategy:

Preparing your Email Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

holiday email strategy blog graphic V2

Last week we enjoyed fireworks and a 90 degree day by the pool, so to most it might seem crazy that we want to discuss Cyber Monday and holiday promotions now. It is vital to start planning a holiday marketing strategy now while ideas are fresh and fires are at a minimum. Ever heard of Christmas in July? We’re giving the gift of insightful tips and statistics for your holiday marketing pre-planning.

Apps Can Capture New Customers for the Financial Services Industry

Mobile Banking Apps

By 2017, more than 1 billion mobile subscribers will use mobile banking. A whopping 50% of smartphone users access mobile banking today (remember from a previous post, more people in the world own a smartphone than a toothbrush!). Online banking is an important function for many customers but many banks are still sorting out the details of what to offer and trying to keep up with customer demands. There’s a small window of opportunity to capture new customers, ready to depart their current relationship, with banking apps that offer customized functionality consumers want.

Improve Website Conversions by Using Calls-To-Action

What's your Call to Action?

You’ve worked hard to get people to your site, but what’s next? Use clear and compelling Calls-To-Action (CTAs) to gain inbound leads. If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve outlined the steps to create great CTAs:

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