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Five Key Tactics to Building & Managing a Secure Database

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on May 20, 2015

It’s no surprise security is the dominant topic in technology when the average cost of a compromised record is $195. Common questions are:

  • How is information being protected?
  • What safety measures are in place to stop attacks or notify someone if one occurs?

Even the most sophisticated systems are susceptible, which is why it’s critical to follow safety measures in both the development of a database, as well as the management of it long-term. Spindustry has spent almost two decades monitoring industry security standards and developing our own security measures, and will now share the five key tactics for building and managing secure databases.

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Topics: network security

Digital Ad Metrics You Need in Your Next Report

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on May 13, 2015

So you’re already experimenting with digital ads and seeing results using less money – kudos! However, when the annual budget meeting rolls around, you’re not quite sure of the best way to ask for more digital ad dollars.

Let the numbers do the talking. Spindustry breaks down the analysis metrics you need to monitor to run your ads efficiently and generate real-time money metrics for your team.

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Topics: paid ads, analytics

7 Tips to Build Better Website Reporting

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on May 6, 2015

When designing and developing a website, you likely spend more time thinking about the public facing side of the site. That is what the world sees, so it’s important to get the look and feel right. However, the website’s content management system is also a critical part of your web ecosystem. In addition to managing content, this is where you access reports. Reporting is a critical function, and a strong database architect and web developer can build out these reports. We offer seven tips for you to determine how better reports can be built for your website.

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Topics: website planning, web development

6 Most Important Pay Per Click Metrics

Posted by JoAnn Seeman on April 29, 2015

One of the best reasons to run Pay Per Click (PPC) ads is that you can track your stats, monitor what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your marketing accordingly. With all the stats available in Google AdWords, where do you start? We’ve outlined a few of the most important PPC metrics you should watch.

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Topics: paid ads, analytics

Major Google Algorithm Change That Will Affect Your Website’s SEO

Posted by JoAnn Seeman on April 20, 2015

On April 21, Google will begin rolling out a big algorithm change that will decrease your site’s ranking if it’s not compatible with mobile devices. Is your site’s mobile experience ready, or will your search rankings decrease?

The reason behind this change makes sense: Google wants to provide the best possible experience when people search. Research shows that people are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site and less likely to immediately leave the site. Past algorithm changes have focused on ensuring the content on the search engine results page is the best available – this algorithm change focuses on making sure the site can be used easily via mobile devices.

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Topics: SEO, mobile marketing

Exploring Paid Social Ads Beyond Facebook

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on April 15, 2015

If you’ve been dabbling in paid social ads, it’s likely you have purchased them on Facebook. For most organizations, this is the best way to start because of the potential audience size. However, it’s not the only social channel with a paid platform that can help you reach your target audience. Your ad objective and audience’s non-paid participation on a social platform should guide where you spend your ad dollars. Here are a few reasons to consider LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube advertising.

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Topics: paid ads, social media

What it's Like to Work at a Digital Marketing Agency

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on April 8, 2015

Spindustry Digital will celebrate its 19th anniversary this fall. During that time, Spindustry’s services have evolved to meet the digital needs of businesses. Our core foundation, building really stellar and solid web applications, hasn’t changed. However, the phrase we use to describe our business has changed – from a web development shop to a digital marketing agency. We’re often asked what that means or what it’s like to work at a digital marketing agency. Here’s the scoop.

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Topics: about spindustry

9 Keys to Building an Awesome E-Commerce Site

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on April 1, 2015

If you sell products online, it’s critical that you build an experience that shoppers love. This means that you have to take into consideration the technical aspects of web development. Nothing will turn away customers faster than a clunky, slow or insecure-feeling website. Here are the top technical tips you need to keep in mind to build an awesome e-commerce experience.

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Topics: e-commerce, web development

Four Tips to Provide Good Customer Service on Social Channels

Posted by Jessica Plunkett on March 25, 2015

Social media has quickly become a customer service hub for many businesses. Questions, requests, complaints and all-out rants will be expressed in the social realm. The frequency, pace and impact on your business is dictated by the customer service plan – or lack thereof – you have in place.

Traditional customer service puts all the convenience on the business. Customers have to stand in line at the customer service counter and wait to pay a bill, return a product, file a complaint or just ask a question. Automated phone systems require a customer to sit on hold without a clear expectation of when they will talk with someone.

Digital has started to shift that paradigm, giving more convenience to customers and placing more expectations on businesses. Customers can pay bills online – not requiring them to drive to the store, purchase a stamp or write a check. Customers can return products from the comfort of their home by printing a return label and mailing back the item. Customers demand more control of their experience with your business and if you can’t or won’t meet their needs, they won’t be your customer for long.

So as more customers start communicating with you online, how do you provide good customer service on your social channels? Here are four tips to get started.

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Topics: customer service, social media

How to Sound Like an SEO Rock Star

Posted by JoAnn Seeman on March 18, 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing. Even the technical phrases can make your head spin and leave you wondering what you're missing. Here's the rundown of commonly used SEO phrases and definitions, so you sound like an SEO rock star in your next meeting.

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Topics: SEO

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