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Mobile Technology and Manufacturing

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The rapid development and escalating popularity of mobile technology has effectively changed the way we communicate. However, how can it impact business productivity with both employees and customers? The manufacturing industry has reacted to this trend and will continue to transform. Almost 80% of manufacturers will develop mobile applications this year. The question is, how has this new technology changed the landscape of the manufacturing industry?

3 Tips to Get Complex Products Online

tshirt blueDoes your business identify with any of the following statements? 
  • We have multiple pricing tiers for our products.
  • Our products are sold through dealers, although sometimes we sell directly to the end customer.
  • We have complex shipping rules for our products.
  • There are many customizable options for our products.
  • Sometimes it’s exhausting trying to explain our products and process to our own team members, to dealers and to customers.
  • We don’t know how to take all of this online and make it work.


Understanding Responsive Design

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So you’ve started putting together a plan for your new corporate website. Congrats on thinking about this important marketing component of your business. Chances are though, the last time you had this conversation was three or more years ago and many things have changed in technology. Do you know the right questions to ask or what’s most pressing to consider?

The Value of an Internship (in the Words of an Internship Coordinator)


An internship is an opportunity to learn about business culture and advance your skill set. If you approach it with an open mind and eagerness, you’ll gain a lot.

The Value of an Internship (in the Words of an Intern)


An internship can and will teach you about how you see the course of your career panning out. If you are looking to gain experience and a wealth of knowledge, interning is your ticket. The three most valuable takeaways from an internship include:

Don't Let Your Digital Presence Get Stale

analysisblogIf you get tired or bored with your current recipes, what do you do? 

A) Nothing. Just pick the easiest one and make it.
B) Call your mom and ask her to make dinner for you.
C) Post your complaint on Facebook and wait for someone to share something good.
D) Peruse Pinterest by searching for recipes using your favorite vegetable.

I suppose there’s no wrong answer, as long as you don’t mind another frozen meal for dinner. We all spend time in life taking stock of what we have and figuring out if it still works or needs updating. We change out our wardrobe because hammer pants left us in the 90s. We purchase a new car because we have a child and need more room for car seats and toys and other kids. We change out the curtains in our home because they don’t block out the sun.

The Service You're Not Asking Enough Questions About: Hosting


When buying a car today, most people make the assumption that the air conditioner or power steering comes standard. At some point in the evolution of the car, these features became so commonly requested, they became part of the standard package. Most people make an assumption that when a website is built, the hosting services just comes standard. However, you’re using the wrong analogy if you think all hosting is the same. Hosting seems to have become a commoditized service and really, it’s far from it.

4 Signs You Need Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click graphic

We’ve all seen the paid ads that appear when we use search engines, and you may even have some promoting your own website right now. If you don’t already have a pay per click (PPC) program, how do you know if you need one?

Tips for Your Mobile Strategy


By the end of 2013, it was projected that there would be more mobile devices than people on Earth. Thus, if you’re wondering if people are looking for you or your services via a mobile device, the answer is assuredly yes. Are they finding you though? Can they easily access information on your mobile site? Are you giving them the full desktop experience (responsive) or paring down to a mobile-specific site?

Here are questions to ask and tips to consider as you develop your mobile strategy.

1. The most important question to answer first is “what will users actually do on your site via a mobile device?” Do they simply need access to your phone number and directions? Do they want to shop? Do they want recent news?

You have a couple of options to finding this information. First, ask your users. It might be as simple as posting a question on Facebook asking for insight. It could be as formal as a focus group study. Second, study the analytics. If people are accessing your site currently via a mobile device, find out which pages they visit most and which page is most frequently the last page they visit. This will give you an idea of what users are interested in.

Strategy Cab Free Opportunity

StrategyCab Car

We know that it can take days, weeks, months and even years to solve business challenges.  Managing day-to-day activities while trying to envision the future is challenging.  It’s easy to lose sight at times from the inside trying to look out. 

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